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v/a * ZugZwang II (cd 2011)

I missed all three festivals, but fortunately I do have all three limited special festival releases. This time the compilation comes in a black envelop with a metal text pasted on it and with a metal plate inside. Strangely enough there is no playlist in the package. The projects that played this time are of course presented on this nice release. First there are three tracks of a project that I do not believe I had ever heard of: Cent Ans De Solitude. These tracks are the most industrial and noisy of “ZugZwang II”, but I do not mean to say that it is very extreme. The tracks are nice. Next up is UMB-project M.A.O. who bring something in between oldstyle industrial and the “terrorpop” of later Thorofon. The tracks are very nice. The most interesting contribution to this cd are the three tracks of PPF. A bit ‘trance-industrial’ either or not with slightly distorted vocals. Probably the best known project here is Esplendor Geometrico who contributed two nice industrial tracks. Indeed, Chamber Music again offers a very nice compilation, so I hope I will hear about this year’s festival on time.
Links: Chamber Music, Cent Ans De Solitude, M.A.O., PPF, Esplendor Geometrico

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