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Heldentod * The Ghost Machine (cd 2012)

I am unsure of the reason why I got this album! Perhaps the name of this project suggested this to be a martial industrial project and I was curious what the latest in martial industrial would sound like? Well, this is no martial industrial I tell you! Apparently, Heldentod also is not a new project. Three albums have been made available earlier by the project itself. Looking back it seems that these previous album do indeed contain neofolk and martial industrial. Aha, prejudice confirmed! Onto “The Ghost Machine” then. It opens noisy, a wall of sound type of noise, but not too extreme. The second track is more of a “noisescape” kind, a very nice track with pulsating noises and some echoing vocal sample. Only in the beginning of the fourth track Heldentod gets pretty extreme, but other tracks are really good noise tracks of lesser intensity. “Betrayal” is more old-styled industrial noise and also good. Some other tracks are almost ambient, but also good. Actually, this is a very good album! I love it when I run into something good by accident!
Links: Heldentod, Cold Spring

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