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Sieben * No Less Than All (cd 2012)

Long ago I happened to see Matt Howden on stage in Antwerpen when I only knew him by name. I loved the show and bought some of the albums and a couple more as they came. I still love Sieben, but the albums sound the same too much and I have not really followed the project since “High Broad Field” in 2006 (already skipping albums before). Wondering if the new album would bring anything new I decided to get it. Well, it does contain something new. The album opens with a song with guitars and drumming, so not everything comes from Howden’s violin on “No Less Than All”. Sometimes the music still sounds like Sieben, other tracks have become (even) more poppy with a different kind of singing and added guitars (and a Joy Division cover). I do not (yet?) like the new style as much as the older, but I am glad that Sieben did not keep sticking to the same trick.
Link: Sieben / Redroom


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