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Osewoudt * Gelag Van Zwartgeklede Kraaien (cd 2011)

My eye fell on this title on a distro list. Dutch and probably neofolk and I did not even know if I had heard of this band from my own country. Now neofolk is not really my genre, but since they are Dutch, let us give it a try. Well, the first song after the intro immediately proves why I rarely listen to this musical style these days. A typical guitar with accordeon and drumming track with awfull vocals, a very uninspired song that could have been on any Eislicht release of a decade past. Things get even worse with the second song, what horrible vocals! While the previous songs are sung in German, the next is a Dutch poem with soft music. Then follow some softer and more early Dies Natalis style songs in German and a closing track which is at least a bit atypical with Dutch vocals. Nope, neofolk is not my style, especially not the 13 in a dozen type… Only for people who long back to the early days of the second neofolk wave.
Links: Osewoudt, Lichterklang

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