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Militia * Everything Is One (cd 2005 tactical recordings)

When I heard that that was a new album of my favorite eco-anarchists, I was delighted. When it seemed that (inspite of the latest albums that I got) it even concerned new material, I was more than happy. So after a too long wait, I got this strange-size white package (a little bigger than a 7″) with minimal design on four flaps with a cd in the middle. “Everything Is One” opens with the typical Militia sound: minimal, repetative sounds with drumming on all kinds of (steel) objects. The first track contains vocals, which unfortunately is not the case with most of the rest of the tracks. New elements on this album are violins, some other instruments and female vocals. I had to play the album a few times before I got into it. Still the style is not new if you know Militia, but the albums seems less energetic and more experimental, but after a few rounds in my player, the last remark does not go for as many tracks as it seemed on first hand. I think this album has to grow (I don’t often have that) whereas ‘The Black Flag Hoisted” captured me immediately. Funny that a similar style can have two such different effects.

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