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Philippe Petit * Eugénie (10″ 2012)

I got an email of Alrealon Musique if I was interested in reviewing a release of theirs. Some experimental indierock album, interesting, but not my taste, so I kindly turned down the offer. Then they said they have another release of Philippe Petit that may interest me more. Petit proves to be an active musician with numerous releases on his name. I think this is the first that I hear from him. He makes soundtracks too, so perhaps I have heard music of the man in some other way. The press sheet says: “Philippe Petit: processed acoustics/field recordings + electronics + turntables & glass manipulations + keys”, so I guess that debunks my original idea that this is modern classical music, but there are real instruments on this recording other than a whole range of strange experimental sounds. The music reminds of bit of the strange post-industrial sounds with violin of Hermann Kopp here and there, but it is mostly very strange soundscapes made with a whole range of things that make noise, rather than electronics. Strange stuff for people who like the more experimental side of music. This 10″ comes with a download link and lasts for about 25 minutes.
Links: Philippe Petit, Alrealon Musique

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