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Murderous Vision / Kuru * Blood-Brain Barrier (cdr 2003 somnambulant corpse recordings)

As you may expect from the bandnames and title, this is a noise cd. Finally a total noise cd on Somnambulant Corpse. I know Murderous Vision from the Live Bait 2mc compilation (1999) and of course the Somnambulant 2002 compilation “The Outsider”. Also Kuru can be found on “The Outsider”. Both bands present something far more extreme on this violent split-cdr though. MV opens with chaotic noise with screeching and rambling. After a relatively tranquil track all hell breaks loose and you get a smack in the face with three extremely violent tracks which I find highly enjoyable. Slightly rhythmical, low frequences and with distorted sounds and vocals. I especially like the fifth and sixth track which remind a bit of Propergol (first cd).
Then on to Kuru. Very ‘noisescapish’ on “The Outsider” and also here this is a description that I could use. The first three tracks go over in chaotic noise though. Not as good as MV, but still interesting.
Not bad for a noise cd actually. Not bad at all! Keep expanding your limits Somnambulant!

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