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Morpheus * Rebis (online album 2006)

This will probably happen more in the future. “As you can see, I finally made up my mind and decided to go solo on this trip. No record labels, no middlemen, no distribution, no physical CD. Just download it, listen to it, enjoy it (or hate it), share it, burn it, do what you want with it as long as it’s not for commercial purposes.” Online albums. I already reviewed two online compilations and here we have an online album. You can download a zip with mp3s and artwork (a very nice photo for every track). Morpheus; I have ambient/noise material from about 9 years ago of a band with this name which I though come from Sweden. This Morpheus is from Spain and has been releasing material since 1998. (Parts of) tracks of the older material is available from the site of the band. They started with ambient, going to more industrial and martial sounds and “Rebis” is more of a dark ambient/industrial album with some atmospheric (jazzy?) tracks. Most of the tracks have vocals (male and female) and the style has become pretty original. However the website of the band has very personal reflections about the first efforts, what went wrong, etc., this new album (even though compressed two times) has a nice and clear sound (also in the very low frequencies). Most of the tracks are pretty good too. The album opens very dark and grows towards more subtle tracks. And since it is free, it won’t hurt you to give this Spanish band a try, right?

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