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Bain Wolfkind * Lone Wolf (mcd 2012)

No surprises on this special tour mcd. Six tracks of Wolfkind’s slow bluesrock sound. Perhaps it is a bit less dirty than before, but no changes in the approach. The drums sound computerised (however Wolfkind is drummer in Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand) and, at least on stage, the guitars also come from a computer. Not as good as his classic albums, but “Lone Wolf” is another nice Wolfkind release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

2 thoughts on “Bain Wolfkind * Lone Wolf (mcd 2012)”

  1. For your information none of the guitars on this release come from “a computer”, slide and guitars are all played by me live in the studio.Drums yes are from a drum machine, all other percussion is live. 2 tracks have synth bass lines the other bass lines are played by me on bass guitar.I find it difficult to understand how you could think the guitar work comes from “a computer” , if you can get a computer to imitate the guitar work I’ll eat my cowboy hat.

    1. He Bain. I was not sure if the guitars were real or sampled, like you use a ‘tape’ on stage. Thanks for clearing that up.
      Anything new coming up?

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