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Varunna * Ferro E Ruggine (mcd 2012)

As on this mcd, I know Varunna as a band with a line-up in the vein of Alessio B., Jörg B., Albin Sunlight Julius, Dennis Lamb, but yesterday on stage, Alessio was all by himself while at least Sunlight and possibly (I do not know his face) Dennis Lamb were also present. Because of the band-line-up, Varunna sounds more ‘spartan’ than the average neofolk band and combined with some Mediterranean temperament, made Varunna refreshing in the whole wave of cheesy neofolk. The show was minimalistic and however on this special tour-mcd there is more of a line-up, the sound is not as lively as on the “Cantos” cd. Some of the Der Blutharsch And The Church Of The Infinite Hand krautrock sound krept in and now knowing that Alessio is partly responsible for that sound, I see how. In any case, “Iron And Rust” is a lot less interesting than “Cantos”.
Links: Varunna, Hau Ruck!


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