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Melek-Tha * De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca (cd 1999 cold spring)

I remember Melek-Tha’s debut on the French metallabel Adipocere. I listened to it ones. I found it cheap and primitive. Somehow I got the idea that this is the third album of the French “Lord Evil”, but I don’t really remember what the second one is called. Anyhow, “De Magia…” opens brilliantly. A sample from Hellraiser (II if I’m correct) supported by the brillant opera chorus “Dies Irae” of Verdi’s “Requiem”. The combination of the two makes a great piece of dark classical music with battle sounds. Unfortunately, this is the very way that the cd proceeds. Samples from movies (not the most original ones either, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is sampled at great length) with a minimum of ‘music’ over it. Sometimes dark ambient, sometimes industrial, but never really as dark as the first track. Actually again I find this a cheap and primitive cd. If it wasn’t for the opener, this one would be just horrid.

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