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Megaptera * Beyond The Massive Darkness (2cd 2001 cold meat industry)

However Megaptera has always been close to the Karmanik family, this is only the second release on this label. According to the text in the digipack, this is a goodbye cd, I think this trio thought 10 years of existence enough.
“Beyond Massive Darkness” comes in a digipack similar to “The Absolute Supper” compilation of CMI and contains the 1992 LP “Songs From The Massive Darkness” and a remix of the first cd “Beyond The Shadow”, which is of 1994. Cd I is Megaptera how I like them best: extremely dark, deep drones, heavy beats, lots of samples; in short, an excellent piece of dark industrial/ambient.
Cd II is more in the dark soundscape vein that Megaptera also presented more often. I think it is okay, but not the style that I prefer.
Anyway, for the price of little over that for one cd, you get a 74 minute and a 44 minute cd and if you don’t already own the two mentioned releases, this is quite a good investment.

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