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Megaptera * Electronic Underground (cd 2000 slaughter productions)

Just two months ago I decided to review an old Megaptera cd, because I didn. t expect anothing new to come out and there we go. A brandnew album by this legendary industrial act.
The opener isn. t too promising though. Rather monotous, not as dark as Megaptera can get. But, seven more tracks to go.
The second track reminds a bit of Endura. Minimal ambient with tribalic drumming. It lasts a bit too long for my taste though.
The third track is more promising. Very noisy, pretty dark. Quite typical for a Slaughter release actually. Not so typical for Megaptera, but rather amusing.
The fourth track breaks down the cd. A ten-minute long boring and monotous ambient track with wale or dolphinsounds or whatever. New-age influences in industrial music?
Fortunately the fifth track makes up a lot. Again a long and monotous track, but this time in the true Megaptera dark ambient/industrial vein and very dark and also very good.
Also the sixth track sounds like I expect from Megaptera and so does number seven. The closer off is a piece of noise again.
Hm, a bit of a variable quality on this cd. A bit more than half is good, the other half is just nice or simply boring. The cd lasts for 60 minutes, so I suppose you should think well before purchasing this cd.

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