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Sektor 304 * Subliminal Actions (cd 2011)

The project name and the artwork suggest (to me at least) this to be a noise cd, but the digipack speaks about percussion, bass and trombone? Putting the cd in my player there can be no mistake: this is a noise cd. The opening track is harsch and chaotic noise. After this things suddenly get much more interesting with an industrial track with a kind of drumming and vocals that give this track a rock-feeling. “Subliminal Actions” is a very interesting album. Some tracks sound what a Con-Dom/Militia cd would sound like when they joined forces to make music, other songs have some sort of rock-approach with a guitar, other are very experimental industrial. It is not all very extreme, at least, not compared to the opening track, but with Sanctum-like vocals (with no effects it seems) and the original way of making industrial music, this is a highly recommended album.
Links: Sektor 304, Malignant Records


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