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Silent Love Of Death * Donde Habite El Olvido (cd 2011)

I am convinced that I also have the debut of six years ago that was released on Palace Of Worms. Did I get rid of it at some point? It looks like nothing but two compilation contributions have been released since by Silent Love Of Death. “Where Oblivion Dwells” is a cd that reminds of bit of bands such as Dawn & Dusk Entwined or Golgatha. Ritualistic dark ambient with sometimes a neofolk track. The ambient tracks sound alright to very good. They are fairly to very dark and contain some nice ideas. What I am a lot less satisfied with is the almost constant talking vocals. The texts are in Spanish and the voice sounds like the talker is extremely bored. Only with the effects in “Cuerpo En Pena” the vocals are somewhat bearable. Also the neofolk songs are not my taste. Overall I can say that some of the music is quite alright, but the vocals make me not very fond of the album…

Links: Silent Love Of Death, Gradual Hate Records

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