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Matt Howden * Hellfires (cd 2000 redroom)

Going-Underground always has cheap overstocks and now there are two Sieben and two Matt Howden cds under them. I already have two Sieben cds, but none of Matt Howden under his own name. Years ago I saw Howden (when I didn’t know his music yet) live under his own name, but this was mainly a Sieben show it seems now. At least I have got an idea why he releases music under different names: Sieben is more ‘poppy’ and accessible, Matt Howden more experimental (at least, this cd is). Distorted vocals, guitars, electronic influeces and “Hellfires” has less stress on Howden’s violin than the Sieben cds that I have. I don’t like this cd as much as Sieben, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like “Hellfires” at all. Howden’s music remains interesting and quite unlike the rest of my discoteque. <27/7/04><2>

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