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Lux Interna * Thruth And Beauty And All Their Severity (demo 2000)

In a gigantic envelope I received the demo tape of this American band. The content was (visually) not as impressive though. The tape is a copied TDK-tape and the cover is a small print-out with only the bandname and a photo. Further enclosed were some A4 prints with the lyrics.
The tape opens with a minimal neo-folk song. Only an acoustic guitar and gothlike vocals (an 80’ies ‘grave’ voice). Also the second song starts in that manner, but at the end there is a heavy vocal-distortion. The third track is electronic, a not too good experimental, slightly industrial thing and then we switch to face B. More minimal industrial, but this time with some accompany of synth on the background and strange effects on the guitar and the vocals at times. The second track of side B starts nicely, but ends in a chaotic beat/drum thing.
Anyway, the folksongs are actually quite good. Somehow the minimality stressed the nice melodies and gives the music a certain charm.
The sound-quality isn’t very good though and the package might have been better as well. On the other side: it is a demo!
The material that I got gives me nothing to go on, so I’ll just give you the address that I found on Heimdallr, where I read about this demo myself.
Joshua Ian Levi and Kathryn Cielewich * Lux Interna * 273 Richmond Ave #12 * Buffalo NY 14222 * USA

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