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Lupercalia * Soehrimnir (cd 2000 world serpent)

I have known this band for quite some time, because one of the members found my email address somewhere and keeps sending me newsletters. I didn’t hear their music before a few months ago when they played live in Utrecht (NL). This was a pretty good show from a magnificent violin-player (m), a wonderfull guitar-player (m), a beautiful singer with a dito voice (f) and some electronics for backup.
On this cd (which is their second by the way) the band consists of only the violin and guitar player and there a no female vocals like on stage. The music is also more traditionally folky than the medieval music that they played live, but there still are some medieval elements to be found on the cd. “Soehrimnir” is mostly pretty tranquil and even though quite alright, not really like what I remember from a few months ago. There is a bit too much focus on the electronic elements as well in my opinion, sometimes even sounding pretty silly.
I heard that Lupercalia is already working on their third album, so I hope that this singer really became a member and that they will focus on the real instruments.

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