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Luftwaffe * Event Nihilisti (cd 2006 punch records)

This album is the reason that I postphoned my orders for some time. I wanted to have this cd so bad, that I decided to wait until it was available before ordering anything else. When in the meantime I heard the mp3 snippets on the label site, I was slightly disappointed, but now hearing the cd I am not! ‘Neofolk’n’roll’, Luftwaffe from the USA makes a crazy and original kind of music that is extremely enjoyable, weird and wonderfull. The cd first has mostly their well-known (violent) drum-oriented tracks and towards the end come more tranquil songs, even traditional Irish music. I discovered Luftwaffe on long before there was Myspace and then there were hard-to-get small releases. In 2004 “Trephanus Uhr” was available more easily and this new magnificent album can be bought from most distros. Luftwaffe deserve that! They have been making their own kind of ‘neofolk’ (by lack of a better term) and continue their pig-headed path. They got attention from ‘big names’ in the scene such as Douglas P., Boyd Rice or Richard Leviathan who collaborated on this or other albums, but didn’t end up on any of the ‘big labels’. Punch from Italy is a good step forward though. I think now everybody has the possibility to get to know Luftwaffe. Not for the lovers of Forseti-like neofolk, but more for those who enjoy crazy music such as that of Boyd Rice. Samples, drumming, screamed vocals, weird texts and great ‘neofolk’n’roll’. <4/12/06><4>

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