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Luftwaffe * Solipstica Nihilisti (10″ 2004 punch records)

l have known the American Luftwaffe for quite some years. Several years ago they had a page at and during the years I downloaded all of their available tracks. In all this time I have been able to find only one original item of the band: “The Trepan Of The Clock” (cd+magazine 2002). However Luftwaffe is one of the best kept secrets of the scene they have worked with Boyd Rice, Douglas P. and Richard Leviathan. Their music is original and great, from ‘neofolky’ songs to weird industrial experiments and great repetative tracks with drumming. The title of this 10″ completely covers the philosophy of the band, they are nihilistic and solipsistic of which the last term refers to a “metaphysical belief that only onself exists” (Wikipedia). Also there are references to (Jewish) esotericism and a little bit of religion. No flirting with dubious politics which is also nice for a change.
This 10″ comes in an LP-size cover which is a poster with what you see above on the inside (4x the size of an LP), some kind of Kabbalistic-like symbol.
But back to the music. When you have downloaded all available tracks during the years and/or you have other releases by this band, you will find that many tracks can be found on different places. The tracklists of this 10″ and the “Trephanus Uhr” cd (see below) are for 3/4 the same. This is a bit of a pitty. BUT, Luftwaffe makes great and entertaining music with an original sound. Like I said, the band is a bit hard to follow. This is caused by very limited releases on small labels. This 10″ was released on an Italian label that I didn’t know yet, and is limited to 303 copies, so be quick and/or be on the lookout for the “Trephanus Uhr” cd! <15/6/05><4>

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