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Luftwaffe * The Trepan Of The Clock + Et Nihil (cd+mag 2002 lupine arts)

I have known this American band for a while because of their page on They have got enough tracks there to make your own Luftwaffe cd. This is necessary, because all previous material was very limited and is long sold out. This cd that comes with an A4-magazine with nihilistic articles and a sheet in an envelope. This release is limited to 100 copies.
The cd has only 7 tracks and the better of them can be downloaded from
Anyway, the music of Luftwaffe goes from strange industrial to nice folky music and is very agreeable and finally I have been able to lay my hands on original material. This release is no longer available from the band, but maybe Athanor has a few copies left. Be quick! <29/9/02><4>


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