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Amy Winehouse * Lioness: Hidden Treasures (cd 2011)

  • pop

Before she drank herself to death, Amy Winehouse nearly finished her new album. Fortunately the family thinks it is as good as “Frank” and “Back To Black” otherwise we might have never heard it. I do not agree with the family, but I am glad that the album is released anyway. “Lioness” is different in style from “Back To Black”. The new cd is softer, more soul and jazz and a lot less recalcitrant than her previous album. I suppose Amy matured in her music. There are two songs that we already knew, “Tears Dry” and “Valerie”. I tend to dislike new versions of songs that I already know and also this time the alternative versions are less interesting than the versions that I first heard. The other songs are soft and soulfull, one unfortunately has a rapper. The songs are nice, but they do not grab me like the troubled-lady songs of her previous album. For a pop cd “Lioness: Hidden Treasures” is not bad, but I think “Back To Black” will find its way into my player a lot more frequently than this post-mortem album.

Links: Amy Winehouse, Island Records Group

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