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Lucisferrato * Ingermanland (cd 2002 hau ruck!/tesco)

Hau Ruck! isn’t only probably the most active label from the scene (this is already HR!26), but also one of the more experimental. When the earlier releases had somewhat of a “Der Blutharsch sound”, Novy Svet proved that this was not the aim for Albin Julius’ label. Then some more folk-oriented bands were signed and dark ambient releases saw the light of day. Lucisferrato doesn’t fit into any forementioned catagory.
The openingtrack is some strange vocal-experimental soundscape, which I can also say about the second track. Further dark and monotous soundscapes, strange experiments and at the end some more industrial-like music.
I have listened to this cd several times before I wrote this review and I am still not sure what I think of it! Strange stuff!!


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