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Lore of Asmoday * Signs Of Life ‘1989 – 1999’ (cd-r 1999 asrai music)

There’re things really unfair in the music-biz, even underground. The German band Lore of Asmoday has existed for 10 years now. The demos they released can’t be counted on two hands. There’ve been cd-r’s, lots of live performances and still the band is without a record-label. Now you may say: don’t they just make horrible music? NO! They make brilliant music!! I really don’t understand why they never were picked up by a label. After an interview in the German goth mag Gothic Grimoire and a couple of contributions to compilations, things finally seemed to start rolling, but now -one year later- the band still has no label on it’s side. It’s even that bad, that they’ve decided to release one more cd-r themselves and if this turns out blank again, the band will quit. Now that would be a shame!
The music of Lore of Asmoday is pretty original. It’s a mixture between gothic, darkwave, ritual and a bit industrial and electro. It all sounds pretty folky and the use of a didgeridoo gives an extra twist to the music. On “Signs Of Life” you’ll get 14 live-songs recorded during their existence. Very rhythmical music in a triballic vein, nice folky wave and texts in German and English makes the music of LoA caressing your ears. There’s quite a lot of electric guitar on this cd too, which makes the sound more gothic.
I really hope that LoA will be picked up by a label pretty soon. Otherwise the scene will lose a really good band, the most under-estimated band in the scene, I guess.

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