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Peter Pan Speedrock * Speedfreak Manifesto (dvd 2006)

I got a copy of this DVD that comes in a nice digipack for only 4 euros. I thought it was some kind of recent promotional DVD, but is is already 5 years old. The DVD has about 135 minutes of material going from live footage, videos (three of them), backstage footage and a lot of Jackass humour. The result is an extremely amusing watch with a lot of heavy rock and roll music, crazy guys beating eachother up, hotrods, dragraces, drinks and of course Dikke Dennis (‘Fat Dennis’) as mascot and occasional singer. For those who do not know this Eindhoven rock and roll outfit, the music sounds like Motörhead, but heavier and they have been around for two decades. It looks like if you do not care about commerse and just keep doing what you like (quite like Lemmy actually) succes will come eventually. Peter Pan Speedrock have toured the USA and Canada and the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. They now even have their own festival Speedfest. A great DVD!
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