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Warren Suicide * World Warren III (cd 2011)

I got to know Warren Suicide as a good electropop/-punk band, more poppy than some other bands in the style that I listen to, but with some nice, weird ideas. I heard that a new album was on the way and as soon as it was out, I got myself a copy. “World Warren III” opens with a soft and not too interesting “We Declare Warren Peace”. The following songs are also softer than I hoped, but some have nice elements of modern classical music. In the song “Fuck Off Happy” the Berlin duo cooperated with the Göteborg String Theory (footage of which can be found on the band’s Facebook and probably other places as well). In the second half there are some more uptempo songs reminding of older material. Overall the album is a bit too soft and too poppy for me. Warren Suicide makes some interesting experimentations resulting in a pretty alternative pop-sound. Currently I prefer the previous albums of the band.
Links: Warren Suicide, Shitkatapult

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