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David Lynch * Crazy Clown Time (cd 2011)

Lynch has been putting preview snippets and complete tracks on his Facebook page for a while and last week there was a pre-listen of the entire album. Yesterday the cd itself fell in my mailbox. “Crazy Clown Time” is written, mixed, produced and played together with Dean Hurley, a man whom Lynch has a musical history with. This mostly shows in the musical collaboration of the “Ghosts Of Love” cd-single (2007) which is musically not unlike “Crazy Clown Time”. The new album opens with a blues-rocky song. Further you will hear some techno-trance sounds, Lynch’s vocals with heavy effects and more very slow bluesrock. Some sounds we know, at other times Lynch’s tootache caused him to create a strange track with a simple rhythm and varrious minutes of Lynch’s “Strange and unproductive thinking”. The result is nicely weird, sometimes more interesting than in other tracks, but overall “CCT” is a very nice album.
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