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Les Chasseurs De La Nuit * Homo Homini Lupus (cd 2006 heiðrunar/myrkrunar)

“If you like a wunderbar dash of Blood Axis, a stroke of Der Blutharsch, combined with a bit of Death In June and NON, you will probably like this strange and h(a)unting release.”
Sorry, I missed something. I thought that we were passed the time in which saying: “This sounds like Der Blutharsch” made a top-seller, even when it was a shitty release far below the level of Der Blutharsch (if it came even near the style). I listened to this cd, but I don’t hear any Blood Axis, no DIJ, no NON and hardly any Der Blutharsch, so what is the point of comparing “Les Chasseurs De La Nuit” with all these bands? “Homo Homini Lupus” opens with a noisy track with distorted vocals and continues with military soundscapes that remind more of Thoroidh than of any of the mentioned bands. Sometimes the style is a bit bombastic, sometimes a bit more industrial, sometimes mr. Larsson of OTWATM is very present and then of course there is a track with old military music. It is not that this is a bad or boring album, but don’t let yourself be impressed by the sales-talk. What you can expect is ambient soundscapes with martial edges that here and there becomes a bit less ambient. Not bad, not brilliant, just a nice album (in an ugly digipack) with some humour as well.

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