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v/a * Heilige Feuer IV, the video archives (dvd 2005)

I do not remember if I consciously chose the DVD of “Heilige Feuer IV” from the Steinklang sales-list, but there is also a cd version, supposedly with different tracks. What you get on this DVD is a ‘film’ with a noisy soundtrack which is an alright watch. Further there are two live recordings of the following projects: Vetrophonia (a project that I did not know), Painslut, Bearer Of The Inmost Sun, Rasthof Dachau and Allerseelen. Not unexpectedly are all tracks harsch noise, save for Allerseelen’s ‘military pop’. I must say that it is nice to have to descent live recordings of my music, but there is nothing here that I find really good. Not a bad buy for 5 euros, but Steinklang seems to have it listed for 17 again.

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