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Laufeyiar Sonr * Vorst (cd 2006 neuropa records)

I know this Dutch project from Tuchtunie sampler that is reviewed elsewhere. The title of the album means both “monarch” and “frost”. The latter translation is diametrically opposed to the projects name, because Laufey’s son is Loki, the Northern firegod. “Vorst” comes in a minimalistic 7″-size packing, has 11 tracks and lasts for about 45 minutes. Listening to this album, I constantly have the idea that I already know the tracks from the Tuchtunie sampler even where there are also three tracks on that sampler. There are similar of the same melodies and samples in several tracks. This is a bit of a pitty in my opinion. The music goes from ambient, to rhythmical ambient, more industrial and one noise-track with an awfull high squeak. Some tracks are good, most are not too exiting. The three tracks on the sampler may be enough when there is no more variation. But the ideas seem to be there, the sound is not too typical, so maybe Laufeyiar Sonr will move more in a direction to my liking in the future.


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