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Lady Morphia * Recitals To Renewal (cd 2000)

Take Ostara’s “Secret Homeland” and multiply it by X. I’m glad to hear that there are more neo-folk artists around who do not fear the experiment. This is the first full length cd of Lady Morphia and as far as I can tell, the brothers Nick and Chris Nedzynski released it themselves.
“Recitals To Renewal” contains both typical neo-folk songs, both in the ‘World Serpent vein’ and the ‘Eis & Licht vein’, but also has dark ambient, soundscape tracks and more modern sounding neo-folk, a bit like Ostara. Actually the vocals already remind of Ostara… A fact is that Lady Morphia takes things even further than Ostara and there is an even higher level of experimentation. Also here you will hear a rhythm section as times, but also drumming which sounds synthetic, further a lot more samples and more keyboard. Around the end we hear some medievalish tunes and then there are of course the totally electronic tracks.
So if you got used to “Secret Homeland” and you are ready for something more, it is time to buy “Recitals To Renewal”. <9/9/00> <4>

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