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Kreuzweg Ost * Iron Avantgarde (cd 2000 draenor productions)

Here we have two Austrian metalheads mixing German voices, warsamples, Schlager and 30/40/50’ies music, singing soldiers, singing children, industrial, electro and more resulting in music that is well described as “Iron Avantgarde”. The music is very avantgardistic, has a lot of militant sounds, is rather chaotic and is more than ones pretty humerous. I have no idea how to describe it better, but I think this is pretty funny and the cd has a proper length (66 min) which allows you to skip a part here and there where it becomes too much.
I don’t know if the ex-Pungent Stench guy is also the infamous mr. Stench, but that is the man who is helping our dear madam Alzbeth out with here recent TMLHBAC activities, which would mean that he is not totally unaware of ‘our’ music, which gives a bit the idea of a parody…?
Oh, and in spite of the music: “Kreuzweg Ost distranziert sich von Intolleranz und Faschismus”, which is the attitude of many of us, so this is in a way ‘correct false music’. Also for our peace of mind then?

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