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Anenzephalia * New World Disorder (12″ 1998 tesco organisation)

Lucky me. I found a piece of this 12″ that is even quite a bit older than I expected at Staalplaat from Amsterdam. Tesco gives this title as sold out, which is quite logical, since it is almost three years old and limited to 750 copies.
Anyway, as you probably know Anenzephalia is a real Tesco project in the ‘old Tesco style’, which means noisy industrial. The noise that you get here is not too harsch and definately not the high-pitched noise that I hate so much. Actually even I find this kind of noise quite agreeable and even though this 12″ is no masterpiece in my ears, I definately want to try and hunt down more of such Tesco releases.
Contact Staalplaat if you are interested in this title, maybe they have a few more copies left.

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