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Alberich * Psychology Of Love (lp 2011)

Alberich is a new name to me. This is not so strange, since “Psychology Of Love” is the first release that is not a cassette tape. The lp opens with a very nice dark ambient noise track, nicely dirty. Other tracks are in a style that you can rightly describe as “rhythmic noise”, so I am not talking about Imminent or something similar. Pretty harsch, pretty nice. The lp alternates between ‘softer’ noise, the rhythmic style and more power electronics. It is funny. I have heard the album a few times now. One time I find it way too chaotic noise, another time I like the lp. Fortunately for the artist, his label and the distributors, the last time (this morning!) I liked what I heard! Harsch noise in a variation of styles, that sums it up here. There are only 200 copies available of this lp by the way.
Hospital Productions

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