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Angelspit * Carbon Beauty (cd 2011)

I seldom hear, let alone review, new and hip things from the larger gothic scene. Inspite of my very wide musical taste, my interest seldom goes to the ‘next generation’ gothic(-related) bands. A while ago I was listening to where I never listen to my ‘normal’ music (no use, since I have it all on cd) and suddenly there was this very nice industrial rock track in the Ministry vein. The band appeared to be Angelspit. I knew Angelspit. This Australian duo looks way too hip for me (sweet prejudice) and I never consciously listened to their music. I decided to try their last album. “Carbon Beauty” opens in a promising way. An energetic kind of modern EBM/electro. Only lateron there are some guitars. Save one or two tracks the music is not really catchy or convincing and I particularly do not like the vocals which remind too much of the singing/talking of modern “urban” music. Unfortunately another prejudice came true… Sometimes I wonder what the ‘gothic youth’ listens to, perhaps this answers that question too.
Angelspit, Metropolis Records

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