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In The Nursery * Blind Sound (cd 2011)

I have known In The Nursery for many years, but never really got to get any of their music. I saw them opening the Wave Gotik Treffen some years ago (and my girlfriend got the DVD of the lightshow on the Völkerschlachtdenkmal with the music of ITN) and last year I saw them giving away a very nice show. I thought ITN was more of a tranquil, orchestral project, but their WGT show was very energetic with much drumming. Very entertaining in a stuffed Volkspalast (I mean: Kuppelhalle). So, I got their last album to see if they would sound as nice on cd. “Blind Sound” opens with some energetic tracks which are very good. I am not completely happy with the vocals, but the opening songs are very nice. Furtheron the music becomes more tranquil, but still nice. “Blind Sound” is not entirely my kind of music, but the pompous orchestrations and drumming are nice to put on once in a while.
Links: In The Nursery / ITN Corporation

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