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Karjalan Sissit * s/t (cd 2002 cold spring)

I have been looking forward to this cd actually only by hearing about it. When I got it in my hands I already noticed that it would be somewhat different from what I expected. There is a text in the booklet that seems to be Finish and under the bandname on the cover it says: “written by Markus Mikael Pesonen”. The cd is recorded in the Erebus Odora studio and produced by Peter Pettersson who also took part in the performing of the music. So, add to this a rather Sophia-like sound and there you have the explanation for the rumour that this is another Arcana/Sophia sideproject.
Inspite of the photos of soldiers in the artwork, this isn’t really one of these popular martial industrial things. Actually Karjalan Sissit has -as mentioned- a sound more reminding of Sophia than anything else. Slow industrial, quite tranquil, orchestral, but with heavy beats but not as heavy in sound as Sophia itself.
The bandname seems to be some Finish reference to soldiers, but I haven’t been able to find out what exactly. Also I can’t find out what the text in the booklet means, but it is said that this cd is dedicated to Pesonen’s uncle who died in some war, so maybe that is it.
The cd lasts for only 41 minutes and count off some 6 or 7 minutes of Schlager (not too original of course) and you have left a very short cd.
So, about the music. It is a bit too monotous for me and there are some far too obvious samples from popular horrormovies, but it sounds alright. Not too original though. Just a nice cd. <13/4/02><3>

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