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Bain Wolfkind * Music For Lovers & Gangsters (cd 2005)

It took a while before I also got the first cd of Bain Wolfkind. I should not wait too long with buying cds, because they get harder and harder to find. Going Underground apparantly have copies left of this album. Under his own name, Wolfkind makes a slow and dirty mix between blues, wave and some industrial. With his low voice and dirty lyrics the result is nicely sleezy. A large part of the music comes from keyboards, but there is also some guitar and “harmonica” to be heard. “Music For Lovers…” contains classics such as “Pimp Stick”, “My Name Is Poison” and “I’m Bad Baby”. Wolfkind is quite unlike other bands from the scene. It is nice to have him around. I will have to try to buy classic albums a bit earlier that 6 years after their release.
Links: Bain Wolfkind, Hau Ruck!

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