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Karceral Flesh * Bienvenue (10″ 2000 athanor)

Totally wrecked I just got my Karceral Flesh 10″ from the postal services’ office. I don’t think I knew this band, but judging the information on the cover they are from France. There has been some cooperation between KF and Les Joyeaux De La Princesse for this 10″.
When I have the correct side as A, Bienvenue opens with a tranquil ambient track and after some air-raid sounds goes over in some pretty harsch rhythmical industrial with here and there some touches of noise. Then we have this style for a few tracks more and at the end again ambient going over in skull-crushing noise (I hate that).
I must say that I had higher expectations of this 10″ even though I didn’t know the band. The industrial tracks are alright, but nowhere this 10″ is very good. <5/12/00><2>

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