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Maarten van der Vleuten * A True & Faithful Relation Of What Passed For Many Years Between Dr. John Dee And Some Spirits (cdr 2010)

There it is again, John Dee’s beautiful Monas Hieroglyphica. Apparently I am not the only Dutchman inspired by Dee. Van der Vleuten is a musical alchemist whose name sounds familiar, but I do not think I had anything of him. This release appears to be an homage to the English Renaissance esotericist John Dee, but it is a bit strange to use the title or a mockery book for that. However romantic the title sounds, Méric Causabon did not write this book to praise the work of Dee. In any case, the cdr is nicely packed in a cardboard cover with the Monas and some Enochian letters on the cover and the inside contains some more images such as the famous “sigili dei aemeth”, Dee’s “table” that he had his “scrybes” use. Musically what is presented are very tranquil, minimalistic (rhythmical) ambient soundscapes with here and there some rhythm of a sample or a voice. The music is very repetative and not particularly dark or anything. It is not really boring, but neither really my cup of tea. The label is Dutch too by the way, this is only their second release. Besides that the website functions as an online magazine with music reviews, interviews, articles and the like.
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