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v/a * Incendium III (cd 2011)

This is the third of of cheap label compilations of Loki-Found / Power & Steel (I got mine for 3 euros at the label’s WGT stand). Loki mostly releases dark ambient in a slightly distinctive, ritual style. I like much of the material that the label releases, but I do not listen to dark ambient all that much these days, so I do not buy their every release. There are 13 projects on this compilation, with each one or two tracks of a recent release. I did not have the tracks yet of Bad Sector, Fjernlys, Penjaja Insaf, Herbst9, Blood Box, Inade (apparently they have a new album that I did not get yet), First Law, Circular, Phelios, Kammerheit and S.E.T.I. Tracks that I did have are of Land:Fire, Ex.Order and Inade (of the previous cd). The compilation is again a nice one. I like the darker sounds of Inade and especially the more noisy sounds of Land:Fire and Ex.Order best, but that is nothing new.
Link: Loki Found

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