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A Murder Of Angels * While You Sleep (cd 1999 middle pillar)

In a pretty strange digipack comes the (I think) first cd of A Murder Of Angels. This is an American act consisting off Bryin Dall (Loretta’s Doll, 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse, Thee Majesty) and Derek Rush (of December and Dream Into Dust). Together they’ve been making music under the monicker Of Unknown Origin. A Murder Of Angels is dark ambient, but very ambient and not really in the CMI vein. There are a lot of samples and strange sounds, so maybe ‘soundscapes’ would be a better description of the music. The problem with this kind of releases is that they are too monotous for my taste. It’s pretty good, but not enough happens to keep my attention. The same goes for A Murder Of Angels. Actually this kind of music only does well as background music to me. People who like the sound of bands like Genitor Lvminis, I Burn, Alio Die or Ora should give this cd a try as well.

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