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Invisible Empire * Chants Before The Last Battle (cd 1999 oktagön)

This must be the first cd of this Italian act, because I can’t remember I’ve heard of them before. Also it’s the first release of the Oktagön label, but immediately they strike us with an extremely luxery package in 7″-size. “Chants Before The Last Battle” is a bit of an “I don’t really know what music to play exactly” kind of release. There’s cheap electro, a bit industrial, ebm songs, Shadowcaster/Tangerine Dream-like tracks. Most of the songs aren’t really good and since every track is in another style, the don’t relate much to eachother. One thing that is typical for Invisible Empire are the opera-like male vocals (tenor) which comes back in almost all tracks. Actually this is but a mediocre cd.

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