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In Death’s Throes * Infernal Deities Transcending (cd 1999 live bait recording foundation)

Here we have a serieus piece of dark soundscapes and I mean DARK soundscapes! “Ambient” isn’t a term for the music of In Death’s Throes, since it’s too monotous for that and the cd is merely build of sounds. Often it’s pretty close to noise, here and there are some voices and sometimes you can hear samples. All this is brought in a very haunting manner.
“Infernal Deities Transcending” lasts for over 70 minutes, so I can understand that this is a bit too long for many people. For some reason I can listen to this cd pretty well, even though I’m not fond of monotous music. Somehow this keeps my attention.
According to the booklet “In Death’s Throes” consists of Brian Sutter and Stephen Petrus. Two names that doesn’t really ring a bell for me.
Live Bait is a (I think) young label and this must be one of their first cds. Regarding their internet address, Live Bait has something to do with Crionic Mind, but I don’t think they regard is as a sublabel.

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