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Inade * The Crackling Of The Anonymous (cd 2001 loki)

It was a pretty long time ago (1994/5 or so) that I slowly got acquainted with the gothic/industrial scene. For some reason I soon landed with the small label/mailorder L.O.K.I.-foundation from Germany. From them I got the Abraxas/Endura demo, I ran into TMLHBAC and I bought some of their own releases, such as the “Burning Flesh” demo tape of Inade. I wasn’t too fond of it then, I was more looking for medievalish kinds of things and dark ritual projects. For some reason I have always unconsciously followed Inade, downloaded mp3s, every now and then buying some music, like the split lp with Turbund, “Saturn Gnosis” and compilations, but I never really got to buying an album. A while ago I was listening to mp3s again and decided that it was high time that I bought an album over 10 years after my first acquaintance with this project. But which? The new Japanese collection cd, the 4 cd box or rather something cheaper and/or older? In the end it became “The Crackling”. The album sounds exactly like I expected. Very dark ambient soundscapes with here and there some ritual influences, rather monotous, but not too much. Not too exciting, but very fit for background music while reading and since I do that a lot…! A very nice album, I think that I will play it every now and then. I don’t know yet if I want to buy more albums of this German project, but who knows.


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