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Il Canto Di Malavita * La Musica Della Mafia (cd 2000 pias recordings)

A while back my eye fell on the beautifull cover and intriguing title of this cd. Since I had no time to listen to it, I decided to remind that for later. Just a week after that a board alongside the road anounced a performance of the Mafia in the local musichall on a night that I couldn’t go. Then when I wanted to hear the cd it took me a hard time to find it again, but today I succeeded.
As the title suggests, this cd contains music of the maffia, the Ndrangheta maffia to be more specific. 18 “Songs about blood, honour and discretion”. The cd comes with translated lyrics, so I suppose every country has it’s own version of this cd. Musically the cd sounds mostly just like Italian folk/tearjerkers-music as we know it. No heroic music, but mostly said, sometimes quite folky and with lyrics about betrayal, punishment, leadership and God. Nice! Look for this one in a regular recordstore

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