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Horologium * The Fire Sermon (cd 2006 divine comedy records)

However this Polish one-man-act has quite a few releases out, “The Fire Sermon” is the first that I hear of him. Too bad! Horologium makes a weird kind of industrial music, weird in the good sense of the word! In the beginning it seems that “The Fire Sermon” is characterised by a mix of clear and distorted (noisy) sounds, from orchestral to ‘oldschool’ industrial. There is more though! Most tracks are relatively tranquil with a nice haunting atmosphere and a high level of experimentation, maybe reminding a bit of a project such as Ginger Leigh. There are samples of choirs, violins, voices, etc. some tracks have an industrial background while other are more overall industrial in sound. All this results in strange tracks with a very original sound and atmosphere. It is all hard to describe, because Horologium is very original and I like that, especially when it is good! People who like the earlier mentioned Ginger Leigh or projects such Cruelty Campaign, Propergol or Cyclotimia are advised to have a listen to Horologium too!

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