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Herbst9 * From A Dark Chasm Below (cd 2000 loki foundation/tesco)

Herbst9 from Germany just released a cd on Loki, but this is not that cd. Apparently they released their debut (?) a while back, also on Loki Foundation. This first cd landed in my mailbox yesterday because the friendly Tesco crew shared a copy.
I thought about buying the (I didn’t know that there were two) Herbst9 cd, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. The contribution to the Loki 2×10″ compilation “Saturn Gnosis” (see archive) is alright. Anyway, “From A Dark Chasm Below” is pretty damn good! This is what deserves to be called “dark ambient”. It is not too monotous, there are eight tracks of averagely 8,5 minutes which is a good length for an ambient track in my opinion and the music is tranquil, dark, haunting and has a descent amount of dark drones and deep beats without making it too industrial. I think this would not only appeal to those into the ‘Loki-corner kind of industrial’, but also lovers of the good old CMI-sound. And me…? I am definately going to try and get my hands on the new cd as well. Await a review some time soon (I hope).

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