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Hekate * Tempeltänze (cd 2001 well of urd)

When Hekate played in Belgium a few months ago, they had copies of this (m)cd with them. Since I didn’t have enough money on me, I figured that I could just as well order it from my usual mailorder and that I would have it a few weeks later too. Not so! The (m)cd wasn’t officially released and the band had a few pre-copies to sell. Ah well, I was told it wasn’t too good anyway…
Meanwhile I already saw the band again and now I finally possess “Tempeltänze” myself.
It is not really clear if this is a cd or a mcd. It was anounced as a mcd and contains only 30 minutes of music, but the price is that of a normal cd. It does sound like a ‘quiet-keeper’ though, not really as a coherent album. There are some typical Hekate songs with singing and drumming, a neo-folk song, a track with only drumming (which sounds 100x better live, without the electronics on the background!) and a few things that sound a bit like trying something different.
Overall indeed not too good, but a few nice tracks.

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