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Hekate * Sonnentanz (cd 2000 well of urd)

Three contributions to compilation-cds didn. t convince me enough to buy the cd of this German band, but a live-performance sure did! About eight people on a small stage making victorious folky music with a lot of drumming. Each bandmember playing different instruments in different songs and various members behind the microphone.
The cd is more electronic than their stage-performance and the drumming isn. t as strong as live. There are some nice medievalish and neo-folk songs on this cd, so overall it is very enjoyable.
I also bought a slightly older . split. cd with Chorea Minor (I think most bandmembers are the same) called . The Seventh Sign. . Here the music is more electronic (also the drumming) and more in the style of the compilation-tracks that I had. The recent cd is a lot better, so I. m very curious about the future of this band.
Remarkable -by the way- that this is again a folky cd on the sub of the Dutch metallabel Hammerheart.

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